Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ames Historical Society Gallery Talk - September 18, 2014

Join us Thursday
For the next Gallery Talk in our series titled
 "Culture Under Canvas: Chautauqua Comes to Ames by Train and Tent"
Presented by Dr. Charles Kniker, Emeritus Professor of Education, ISU

Imagine you were an Ames resident from 1904 to 1926. What would you do for entertainment? Radio and movies were in their infancy. One option was to attend something called "Chautauqua." Performers and the large tent they used arrived by train. The site was near what is now Brookside Park. During the daytime, there were lectures for women and Sunday School-like classes and play times for children. A season ticket cost $1.50 and every night for a week there was something new. The entertainment in Ames ranged from a Shakespearean play to instrumental music by the Cleveland Ladies Orchestra or the Royal Hungarian Orchestra; from watching a demonstration of the wireless telegraph to shaking hands with a presidential candidate like William Jennings Bryan or lecturer Booker T. Washington. Dr. Kniker will highlight other events at Chautauqua in addition to displaying pictures and artifacts from that bygone adult movement, called by some as "the most American thing in America."

When: Thursday, September 18th at 7pm
Where: The Octagon Center for the Arts-Main Gallery
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