Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Story County Theaters in Hollywood in the Heartland

Hollywood in the Heartland is a research project of Preservation Iowa and the Iowa State Historic Preservation Office that seeks to document Iowa's movie legacy.  Part of this has been identification of motion picture theaters and other buildings that have served as theaters.  Their online database of these buildings allows searching by name, city, county, and architect or builder.

There are 16 buildings found by searching for Story (as a county) in the database as shown below.

Varsity Theatre (85-00961)2410 Lincoln Way Ames
Ames Theatre (85-00962)2420 Lincoln Way Ames
Princess Theatre (85-00990)115 Main St Ames
Scenic Theater (85-00994)121 Main St Ames
Collegian Theatre (85-01049)411 Main St Ames
Opera Hall (85-01133)233 Main St Ames
Shattuck Theater (85-01459)Wallace Rd Ames
Maxwell Opera House (85-01670)Maxwell
State Theatre (85-01681)73 Main St Maxwell
Camelot Theatre (85-01840)1114 6th St Nevada
Nevada Opera House (85-02005)Lynn St Nevada
Roland Opera House (85-02025)217 Ash St Roland
Grand Auditorium and Hotel Block (85-02243)500 Broad St Story City
Alderman Building - Palace Theater (85-03209)1038 6th St Nevada
Collins Theater (85-04389)203 Main St Collins
Cambridge Theatre (85-04390)222 N Water St Cambridge

16 theater(s) found in county search for story.

Follow the theaters links to see information about its history, current use(s), and historic status including whether it is listed on the National Register.

The project is continuing to look for information about the theaters it has identified and any that it has missed.  You can help them by adding to their survey as described in Get Involved on this page.

Also, be sure to check out the section labeled Extras.  This includes Iowans in Hollywood and Hollywood in Iowa.

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